Thursday, July 10, 2014

A day trip to Fiesole

A calming day spent in charming Fiesole. Tuscany, 8 km northeast of Florence. Magnificent views of Florence and a walk through Etruscan ruins. The amphitheater still hosts modern day concerts, technicians were in the process of setting up stage for a concert night scheduled for the weekend. We climbed up a short steep hill to a viewing terrace with truly spectacular views of Florence. A grown-up restaurant nearby had a set tasting menu of house salamis and wines. We opted for a kid friendly pizza-panini lunch at a restaurant down below, that also had lovely views over the Tuscan hills.
A nice bus ride took us back to Florence and the San Marco church early in the evening.


Much of Florence's made in Italy leather products need to be bought with care, especially if purchases are made at street side stalls and hole in the wall shops. Mass produced Chinese made imports, poor quality leather and sheer sweat shop reproductions flood many of these shops and stalls. Similarly many so-called vintage items have possibly been mass produced in some Asian city. So choose carefully and know your product before you buy something.